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5 activities for toddler development

5 activities for toddler development

5 activities for toddler development

Keeping a toddler entertained can be a a daunting task. Here are some ways to keep busy hands out of trouble.

By Zayaan Schroeder Mollagee

When your baby becomes a toddler they start to explore their world so much more. Everything is intriguing especially all those brightly coloured detergent bottles! So move them out of reach immediately.

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They need to be distracted constantly and preferably with activities that will be helping their development rather than Barney. I’m not judging – my son is partial to a bit of Elmo now and again, which is why this is helpful for all of us.

1. Coffee can drum

There’s nothing a child like more than making a noise. These drums made from coffee cans are a great way to channel that creative energy.

Get the instructions from Kids Activities Blog

2. Safe Water Beads

Water beads are a great way to include sensory play in your toddler’s life. But water beads (the kind used in floral arrangements) are not safe for little ones especially those kids – like mine for example – who still puts everything in their mouths. Tapioca pearls (it’s what the use to make Bubble Tea) are a great alternative to them. 

Find the instructions on Teaching Mama

3. Strengthening fine motor skills with Cheerios

You can use any type of round cereal actually but Cheerios happen to be the most healthy of the bunch if your child happens to gobble some. All you need to do is stick some raw spaghetti sticks in some play dough and let your child stack the cereal on them.


4. Dropping the pom poms

This one is pretty simple but man, it keeps them entertained. All you need to do is use sticky tape to stick a paper towel tube to the wall and give your child objects to drop through to fall into a plastic bowl beneath it.

5. Fabric wipes box

My son’s favourite thing to do (that annoys me) is to pull out all the wet wipes and tissues out of a box and lay waste and money to it all. Fill a old wipes tub with strips of fabric and let your child go wild.

For more detailed instructions take a look at Teaching Mama’s blog.

What activities keep your toddlers entertained? 

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