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5 things NEVER to say to pregnant women

5 things NEVER to say to pregnant women

5 things NEVER to say to pregnant women

A pregnant belly is not an invitation for touching or opinions.


It’s a strange occurrence that when a women starts to show that she’s growing a baby in her belly, people feel the need and the right to say whatever they please.

Have you ever experienced pregnancy? For many women that includes swollen feet, haemorrhoids, painful stretching of skin and just generally being uncomfortable. Again, every woman experiences pregnancy differently but there’s a lot going on in the body and mind of a pregnant woman that is difficult to perceive from the outside.

While that pregnant stranger (or even a friend) may be glowing with the post-nausea sheen she experiences every day, she more than likely doesn’t need you stroking her belly or telling her how huge she’s getting. Trust us, she knows.


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Elle, one of the awesome mothers from WhatsUpMoms on YouTube, shares exactly what not to say (and what you should say instead) to any pregnant woman you happen to interact with.


Do you agree with the mom in the video? What did you hate to hear while pregnant?

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