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Alternative TTC treatments | Parent24

Alternative TTC treatments

When you’ve tried everything and you’re still not pregnant these treatments might be the answer.

Trying to conceive is a trying time when nothing you’ve done is working. IVF is expensive averaging at around R32 000 per cycle and not everyone can afford the treatment. And even if you can it doesn’t always take and by that point you’ve used all your savings on just one round.

Tamsin Oxford explores various other treatments that could help with the process of conception:

Acupuncture: The infertility cure?
All it takes to fall pregnant could be one little prick, suggests Tamsin Oxford.

Treating infertility with urine therapy
Urine has been described as the Waters of Life and many swear by its healing properties.

Can cupping cure infertilty?
When you’re staring infertility in the face you find yourself willing to do anything to fall pregnant.

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