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Baby born in car

Mom delivers her first son in the car while her husband rushed her to the birthing centre.

I think it must be a mother’s worst fear to give birth in the car on the way to the hospital and that’s exactly what happens to this couple from Houston, Texas.

The mom safely delivered a 10 pound baby (that’s 4.5kgs for us South Africans) all while her husband drove her to the birthing centre where she was meant to deliver.

When the video (which was captured on a GoPro) starts they have been driving for 45 minutes already but soon after her water breaks and it gets quite hectic but after only two pushes the little guy is out!

It all happens so fast and kudos to Dad for remaining calm in this situation which I really think helped a understandably panicked mom through this. 

The couple have two older daughters so Mom knew what was to be expected even though I’m sure she would’ve preferred to birth somewhere roomier than the front seat of the car!

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