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Blind woman ‘sees’ baby for first time

Blind woman ‘sees’ baby for first time

Blind woman ‘sees’ baby for first time

3D printing technology allows blind woman to see her unborn baby.


The possibilities offered by 3D printing have proven themselves once again: a viral video has shown how a blind expectant mom was able to ‘see’ her unborn son, Murilo after a model was made of his foetus, allowing her to touch his face, according to CTV News.

Seeing the hidden things

Tatiana’s story is very moving – she lost her sight at the age of 17, and she speaks of the longing she has to meet her son and show him the wonders of the world. She can’t wait to feel his face and feet when he’s born, just like any new mom.

Pregnancy scans

And that’s how technology can make a difference. While other pregnant women get to see scans of their unborn babies, Tatiana could only imagine what her doctor was describing during a 3D scan, until the most amazing thing happens, and the scan information is used to create a 3D printed version of her son, with a special message inscribed in braille.

Watch this heart-warming video:

Huggies Presents: Meeting Murilo, via Huggies/YouTube

Pregnancy scans
Expectant moms are expected to monitor the development of their babies during pregnancy through scans. These may be simple scans or the more complex 4D scans which allow for a much more intimate experience.

Scans also allow the doctor to make sure that the foetus is healthy and that the pregnancy is progressing as it should be.

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