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Broccoli and Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

chicken pot pie making and freezing

Make-ahead Broccoli and Chicken Pot Pie! Steps to freeze and bake later!

broccoli and chicken pot pie

A dinner pie, or a meat pie has been one of those dinner ideas that have been around forever. There are several ways to make pot pie for dinner for your family, and I’ve honestly tried most of them. This version I call Broccoli chicken pot pie, and it’s pretty amazing.  You could really add a variety of veggies to chicken pot pie, but broccoli makes a filling and nutritiously dense addition.

Our favorite filings for pot pie

Our favorite filling for pot pie is chicken.  Not only does this meat taste great with a sauce, vegetables, and the crust, but I always seem to have chicken on hand. You could use leftover chicken or cook it before you fill your pie. Either way, chicken pot pie is what I generally make most often. The rest of the ingredients are swapped out for whatever is on season or whatever chicken pot pie we’re in the  mood for.  But some other favorites people like include:

How to make and freeze chicken pot pie

One reason we love to make chicken pot pie is it’s just as easy to make more than one, and  you can freeze one and cook one that night.  You could also give to a friend or neighbor as a dinner for them to use in the future (like when they are having a baby or moving). To freeze your chicken pot pie to use another night, this is how we do it:

  • Make the filling for the chicken pot pie
  • Cool filling before assembling in the fridge
  • Make the crust for the chicken pot pie
  • Assemble pie into a pie plate
  • Cover the pie completely with foil or freezer safe paper.
  • Place entire pie in a 2 gallon freezer safe bag if you want to keep it for 3-4 months without freezer burn. Yes, they have 2 gallon size bags, which are perfect for pies!

delicious chicken pot pie slice

How to reheat chicken pot pie

When you are ready to make and eat your chicken pot pie, no need to defrost! Simply bake at the regular temperature your chicken pot pie is intended for and add 20 minutes to the baking time.  If you are gifting your pie, print the recipe for them and place it inside the 2 gallon bag.


If you chose to cook the entire pie before freezing, you can decrease cooking time to just reheating it. However, in my experience, the crust tastes better when it only goes through the oven once.  And when you are re-heating it from frozen, it takes so long anyway, you might as well just cook the whole pie! chicken pot pie making and freezing So, next time you make this chicken pot pie with broccoli, make two, and freeze the second!  Let us know what your family thinks of it!



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