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Dad can’t deal with nappy!

Dad can't deal with nappy!

Dad can’t deal with nappy!

Should dads be getting more involved in the ”yucky” parts of parenting?


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With so many working moms these days it’s a lot more likely that dads are going to have to get involved in the aspects of parenting that many people assume should be the role of the mother. But that’s all changing and we’re seeing more and more stay-at-home dads or dads having sole-charge of their kids while mom is out. 

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Top tips for dads in baby-bonding 

Some dads are great at being a ‘hands-on’ parent and have no problem de-snotting their kids or changing their nappies. Others need a survival guide and a lot of persuasion to get them involved in the not-so-glamorous parts of parenting.

A new trend, started by comedian Adam Hills, where dads post photos of themselves changing nappies, calling them ‘smelfies’, has inspired dads to share tips and advice on how to change a nappy.

While other dads are getting away with not having to ever change a baby’s nappy, it’s great to see dads getting proactive and developing a sense of humour about it too. 

The video below perfectly sums up just how tough it is for some dads to help out with the dirty-work, but we give him 10 points for effort. 

Do dads need to put on their big-boy pants and man up?

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