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Guess the red-headed singer

Famous musician uses home movies of childhood for music video.


Remember all of those fifteen-second clips you made of your child when he was a baby? Perhaps you would have thought twice about how well they were made if you knew that one day they’d be turned into a music video!

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A famous musician (watch to find out who!) has used a novel concept for a video for a song: he has taken many clips and photos from his own childhood and spliced them together to create a very touching “home movie”.

It’s not that much of a secret, actually: the singer is almost instantly recognisable for his hair, but his hit song “Photograph” cried out for an unusual treatment rather than the ordinary concept of a girl and a boy staring into the middle distance while clutching a Polaroid.

Home movie stars

Even if your child never makes it onto the silver screen, you too can cut your own home movie from your child’s life. Simply take any short movie clips and photos you have and put them together using simple software available on almost every computer and even some mobile devices.

It’s fantastic that a global superstar can celebrate his childhood with what appears to be real warmth.

Watch this musician’s brief excursion into the touching world of innocence and big dreams:

Have you got lots of video footage of your child?

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