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Kids Eat 36% More Veggies on Illustrated Plates

Kids Eat 36% More Veggies on Illustrated Plates

Getting kids to eat more fruits and vegetables has been the mission of Super Healthy Kids from the very first blog post in 2007!  The decision to focus on fruits and veggies came from years of research showing that increasing fruits and vegetables has the biggest impact on better health.

So, in the beginning, we developed our first illustrated plates for kids.  We knew kids liked to be independent and make their own dietary choices,  but we also knew they needed guidance along the way. Our illustrated portion plates have been the solution to both educating kids and helping them eat healthier by making half their meal fruits and veggies.

We’ve always known that our plates encourage kids to eat more veggies. Now, research has confirmed what parents and health educators have been telling us for years!

Independent research published in JAMA Pediatrics earlier this month found that preschoolers who ate off Health Beet divided plates ate 36% more veggies during mealtimes than their peers eating off plain white plates.


A few details about the study: 235 children between the ages of 3-5 were included. Teachers briefly explained to the children the way Health Beet plates work, then allowed them to serve themselves and choose how much to eat.

The researchers weighed the fruits and veggies taken and eaten by the kids using Health Beet plates, and compared the amounts to those taken and eaten by kids using regular white plates.

And the verdict: using Health Beet plates motivated kids to eat more veggies!

We’re honored the researchers chose our plates to conduct their research. And we’re inspired to know that the tools we create can help shape healthy lifelong habits for a whole generation of kids!

Order yours today here on Amazon to help teach the little ones you care for to choose and eat more veggies.

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