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Oatmeal and Apple Granola Bars

Oatmeal and Apple Granola Bars

Use oatmeal to make amazing Oatmeal and Apple granola bars, and help your kids get the benefits of fiber and extra nutrients!

We went on a trip to Lake Powell with my sister in law’s family one year. We brought oatmeal to make for breakfast for us and the kids thinking it was an easy meal to pack.  My nephew, who was probably 9 or 10 said, “What are you eating?” I said, “Oatmeal.” He said, “Oatmeal for Breakfast?” I said, “Of course! Don’t you have oatmeal?” and he said, “Yeah, for cookies, but not for breakfast!”

According to The World’s Healthiest Foods, Oats are the most nutrient-rich out of all the grains.  That’s great because they are so versatile too.  So why oats?  Excellent source of manganese, good source of fiber and vitamin B, high in protein, helps lower cholesterol, stabilizes mood by maintaining blood sugar, and they are available year round.

Oatmeal is a healthy, whole grain that kids should be eating!  There are so many different ways to flavor it that if your kids reject it cooked one way, there is always another!  You should at least try to serve it because oatmeal:

  • Has Fiber! Kids ages 3-10 need 8-15 grams of fiber per day.  Oatmeal has 3 grams per half a cup.
  • Enhances immunity (keeping those kids healthy this winter)
  • Lowers risk for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and even type 2 diabetes.

How can we get our kids to eat more oats?

  1. Hot oatmeal- I’ve met kids who love hot oatmeal for breakfast, and some who hate it.  It’s definitely a texture thing.  You can help kids learn to love it by starting them eating this hot food for breakfast or adding different flavors that they do like, to improve the taste.
  2. Cold Oatmeal- Overnight oats is oatmeal that you add liquid to and set in the fridge overnight.  This has a different texture than regular hot oatmeal and some kids prefer it.  Try our caramel apple overnight oats, or banana bread overnight oats.
  3. Oatmeal cookies- There are healthy recipes for oatmeal cookies, and they really can be a good way to introduce your kids to the taste of oatmeal.  Try our Soft and Chew Ice Oatmeal Cookies.
  4. Granola – one snack and breakfast we always have on hand is homemade granola. We eat it with fruit, yogurt, or even in trail mix.  Try our sugar free granola here, or 5 ingredient granola here.
  5. Granola bars- Today’s recipe is an easy way to get your kids to eat oats!! These granola bars are easy and yummy! We also have these gran and go granola bars!
  6. Added to baked goods like breads, cakes, muffins- you can incorporate oats into any of your baked goods to replace some of the flour. It will increase the fiber and nutrients of whatever you are making.
  7. Used to thicken ground meats or stews- Like flour, thickening sauces is possible with oats!
  8. Ground in to oat flour as a replacement for other flours- grind up oats and you have oat flour! It’s a great addition or replacement for wheat flour.

So, see how you can get your kids to eat more oats today!



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