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Protein Boost Granola Bar {With KidzShake}

Protein Boost Granola Bar {With KidzShake}

Give your kids a powerhouse snack this school year with these Protein Boost Granola Bars which pack in more nutrition than a multivitamin!

We loved partnering with KidzShake to create these granola bars for you. When people ask us which protein powder we recommend for kids, our #1 go-to is Kidzshake. Keep reading to find out why.



“Should I Give My Kids Protein Powder?”

We get questions every single week about protein powder for kids. I understand why! Protein is important for healthy growth and development for active kids.

Most of the time, people want to know which protein powder we recommend. But first let’s take a step back and determine if it’s something your kids need in the first place.

Kids’ protein needs vary by age. If you’re not sure if your kids are getting an appropriate amount, take a look at these guidelines that outline the minimum recommended daily amount by age:

2-3 years old: 13 grams

4-8 years old: 19 grams

9-13 years old: 34 grams

14-18 year old (boys): 52 grams

14-18 year old (girls): 46 grams

If your kids are eating a balanced diet, they’re probably hitting these targets already. But sometimes kids DON’T eat a balanced diet, or they just don’t eat very much, period. If your kids are involved with sports or are otherwise physically active, they may also need a bit more protein to strengthen and recover. Here are a few other cases that might point to a need for extra protein. If your child…

…refuses protein-rich foods because of texture aversions or selective eating.

…has a characteristically small appetite, or tends to eat mostly grains.

…has food allergies that limit access to varied protein sources (like allergies to dairy, egg, fish, or nuts.)

…has a history of slow growth or failure to grow.

…is sick often, suffering from cold and flu symptoms that take a long time to clear up.

…has hair that looks thin or dull, or nails that crack and peel easily.

…has cuts and scrapes that seem to heal more slowly than they should.

…then try extra protein! In many of these cases, a powder can help.

The Best Protein Powder for Kids

There are a lot of different kinds of protein powder and supplements. If your child has a food allergy or special health condition, then please talk your plans over with your doctor, allergist or nutrition specialist before trying a supplement. Here’s a breakdown of some of the different kinds you’ll find on the market, and the features of each:

Whey Protein: This protein comes from the liquid portion of milk. Whey protein is considered a complete protein because it contains all of the nine essential amino acids and his particularly high in branched chain amino acids (BCAA) like leucine and cysteine.  Whey protein tends to have a smooth creamy texture and mild taste.

Soy Protein: This protein comes from soybeans. Soy protein is a complete protein and contains all nine essential amino acids. The texture of soy protein is slightly grainy. It’s vegan, because it comes from a plant source.

Rice Protein: This protein is made by isolating the protein in brown rice from the carbohydrates in that grain. It’s not a complete protein because it’s low in one of the amino acids, called lysine. It has a more distinct taste that other forms of protein.

Pea Protein: This protein is extracted from yellow peas and has the typical amino acid profile of legumes. Like soy, this is a vegan protein source. It does not contain all of the essential amino acids.

When choosing a protein powder for kids, here’s what I look for:

  • A powder with only a few ingredients and additives.
  • No added sugars or artificial sweeteners.
  • No ‘energy-boosting” ingredients, which often means a powder contains caffeine.
  • Plenty of protein per serving.

KidzShake Protein Powder

We’ve looked at a lot of different protein powders for kids. We now only recommend Kidzshake as a protein powder supplement! Here’s why:

  • It tastes really yummy and has a smooth texture, so kids will actually eat it.
  • It’s free of rBGH, GMO, artificial color and flavor, and BHT/BHA.
  • It’s free of gluten, soy, and nuts.
  • It includes a daily multivitamin, and a probiotic.

If your child is lacking nutrition and really just needs a boost to get back on track, this is the protein powder that provides all the essential amino acids without any of the additives you don’t want in their bodies.

Granola Bars with a Nutrition Boost

Smoothies and shakes are great, but sometimes kids don’t feel like drinking their protein. It’s nice to have a solid food recipe to mix things up! Protein granola bars are sweet and satisfying and filled with SO many powerhouse ingredients.

In this recipe, I’ve included oats, Kidzshake protein powder, ground flaxseed, almond butter, and dried cranberries. These ingredients contribute to your child’s protein AND fiber intake. In each granola bar your kids are getting those essential macronutrients along with needed vitamins, minerals and probiotics. Plus they taste amazing! If your kids don’t like the white chocolate chips, feel free to substitute them for dark chocolate. You can also change outthe dried cranberries for other dried fruit like apple, mango, or apricot, if you prefer. Mix it up!

Enjoy. 🙂




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