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Ricotta Filled Crepe Recipe | Healthy Ideas for Kids

ricotta filled crepes

Your new favorite crepe recipe! Ricotta Filled Crepes are stuffed with creamy, high-protein ricotta cheese to make breakfast a little extra special, even when you don’t have a ton of time.

ricotta filled crepes

Crepes are one of the most fabulously indulgent breakfasts you can serve your kids. And they have a special little secret: they’re actually not hard to make. At all. In this recipe, the batter comes together fast in the blender, and the filling is made from just two simple ingredients.

So let’s talk about taste. Ricotta Filled Crepes are tender on the outside and creamy on the inside, with a flavor that’s reminiscent of (steady yourself) really good cannoli. Do you need any other reason to make these crepes ASAP? Probably not, but here’s one anyway: they’re healthy and nourishing for you and your kids.

ricotta filled crepes

What Makes This Crepe Recipe Healthy?

Without a doubt, these crepes have a nutritional leg up on the Nutella-filled variety. Ricotta cheese has an impressive 14 grams of protein per half cup, which is more protein than you’d get in two whole eggs. There’s some sugar in the filling, but we kept the amount modest at 1/3 cup. If you prefer, you can reduce the sugar even further, so it has just a touch of sweetness.


The crepe batter is made from simple, whole food ingredients, including white whole wheat flour for added fiber and B vitamins (don’t worry, nobody will be able to tell these ultra-delicate crepes are whole wheat.)

A sprinkle of fresh berries adds color, antioxidants, and a juicy burst of flavor, too.

ricotta filled crepes

How to Make Ricotta Filled Crepes

Don’t be intimidated by this crepe recipe, because it’s seriously no more effort than making pancakes. In fact, it might even be LESS effort. That’s because you can swirl up the batter for these Ricotta Filled Crepes right in your blender cup. No need to treat wet and dry ingredients differently or dirty multiple bowls; just dump it all in together and buzz that batter up until it’s nice and smooth.

To get your crepes to have that great delicate texture, it helps to let the batter sit for five or ten minutes, so the bubbles can work themselves out.

The next step takes a tiny bit of practice, but if my first-grader can do it, you can too! Pour a ladle-full of batter into a greased skillet (try a measuring cup in 1/4 cup or 1/3 cup sizes, to get the right amount) then swirl it all around. Try to coat the bottom of the pan evenly with a thin film of batter before you set it back on the burner.

Then get ready to flip it: crepes cook fast. Use a flexible (and heat-safe) spatula to free the edges all the way around the pan. Slide the spatula underneath the center of the crepe, then lift and turn it over in one smooth motion. (Note: do this gently. It’s not quite like flipping pancakes. Try to avoid letting your crepe go fully airborne, or it’ll land in a crumpled heap.)

Voila! Fill your crepe with a little sweet ricotta, garnish it with berries and powdered sugar, and you have a beautiful and delicious crepe that will impress the heck out of your kids.

ricotta filled crepes

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Ricotta Filled Breakfast Crepes | Healthy Ideas and Recipes for Kids


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