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Simple Roasted Beets | Healthy Ideas for Kids

Simple Roasted Beets

Simple roasted beets with just salt and oil is one of our favorite vegetable side dishes of all time!

 Simple Roasted Beets

Roasting vegetables literally does something magic to the flavor and texture of pretty much every vegetable.  It brings out a sweet caramelized flavor and the perfect bite-able texture.  These are some tips for roasting vegetables including roasted beets:

  1.  Cut into bite size uniform pieces.  If you can get all the pieces roughly the same size they will cook a lot more evenly.
  2. Don’t be afraid to use oil.  Not only does the oil help the vegetables cook more evenly and crisp up in the oven, but it also adds a rich flavor that makes roasted vegetables irresistible.
  3.  Make sure there is space between your veggies. Crowding will make the vegetables steam instead of roast.
  4. The ideal oven temperature is 425 degrees F.

Simple Roasted Beets


I feel like beets have a bad wrap. Most people who don’t like them will tell you they taste like dirt, and if they aren’t prepared well that is very true. People often throw beets in a pot of water and boil away, but in my opinion very few veggies are good boiled.  Roasting beets though is a game changer! Simple Roasted Beets is the recipe that is going to change you from a beet hater into a beet lover. They are sweet, and a little savory because of the salt.  They have a caramelized texture and a soft inside.  Plus – they are SO beautiful to look at!

Simple Roasted Beets  Simple Roasted Beets

How to Roast Beets

Roasting vegetable makes them extra sweet as the natural sugars caramelize in the high heat. Beets are already quiet sweet which means roasting them turns them into extra sweet crispy little delights. Place them on a parchment paper and add some nice kosher salt for the perfect balance and you’ve just made a very easy side dish that even your toddlers will love. We like roasted beets just as they are but you can also roast extras and toss them in salads and soups, or get totally crazy and stick them in sandwiches and wraps. Even if you consider yourself a beet hater, you’ve got to try this recipe. It’s going to make a lover out of you.

Simple Roasted Beets




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