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Terrible parenting advice | Parent24

Terrible parenting advice

Parents share the worst parenting advice they’ve ever received.


Before you even think about having a baby, there will be advice thrown in your direction from every which way. Aunts will have sage advice to share, mothers will tell you which foods are best for making babies and of course total strangers will have something to say.

Don’t they always?

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It’s an interesting phenomenon that takes place where the whole world feels that they have the right to comment on your bedroom activities, your pregnancy and ultimately how you choose to raise your child.

Interested to see just how far some people will go to spread their awful advice, I took to Facebook and asked the Parent24 Facebook fans if they’d the worst pregnancy or parenting tips they had ever received. Here are a few of their replies.

The worst advice

  • You don’t need to breastfeed after baby is 3 days old! Ridiculous. I continued for the next 2.5 years! – Layne
  • Let the baby cry! Their lungs develop better. – Jenny
  • Stop eating cold stuff your baby is going to come out shivering and cold. It annoyed me so much because I was getting so hot. – Kaone

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  • To let my newborn cry so he can learn to self soothe. – Lindy
  • Put Vicks on their gums when teething. – Lize
  • Put a piece of thread from baby’s clothes on his forehead to stop hiccups. Start feeding baby rinsed curry and rice when he was 3 months old. Don’t look at his teeth when they were cutting through because they will grow crooked! Don’t leave his clothes on the line after 5 or he’ll poop green. I can go on and on… – Chanel

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  • Don’t rub/touch/scratch your stomach it causes stretch marks. – Angelica
  • Rub brandy on baby’s gums. Or put a teaspoon of brandy in the milk to help baby sleep. – Xannelle
  • Don’t hold your baby while they sleeping and don’t let them fall asleep on you – they will get spoilt! – Lee-Ann

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What’s the worst parenting advice you ever received?


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